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Apple plans to respond to the pressure over its market value releasing a wristwatch with iOS bring again to the fore the concept of wearable computing, artifacts and gadgets of all kinds which we carry on with us every time.

This time I didn't drive out to re:publica in Berlin, but if I was there then I would have definitely seen the panel "The Internet is not my enemy".

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"Dear Irene. I have five minutes to make you repent of what you've just said and remember this story when you have doubts again. Somewhere in the world and history a handful of kids like you are putting their lives at risk daily to arrive to the school and receive an education infinitely worse than yours. Bridges near to collapse, mine fields, cliffs, racist pickets, wars that are not theirs... An adventure full of risk just to sit at their desks. Do not believe me? Look."

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For 15 years Jazznova characterizes sound of the NuJazz like no one else, even if it has become rather quiet about Berlin in the last few years. Recently there were signs of life from their Sonar Kollektiv - Label. And in May Funkhaus Studio Sessions should appear as a record.

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This year's Gartner ITXpo conference in Barcelona was focused on themes Cloud, Mobility, Social Organization and leaving the old habits in the wake of 300 lectures and workshops. As in the past years it was a good opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the leaders of the IT-world from various industry and cultural areas. 

Here you can find the blogs of the Gartner-analysts on various themes...