iPhone 4S with Siri and the increasing of data consumption

Recently, a study which has been published, determined that Siri on iPhone 4S doubles our consumption data , and we can have the iPhone without this function. According to this study, this only puts more pressure on carriers and on strengthening data networks, as well as the possibility that some question if it is profitable.

A lot of carriers wish to have the  iPhone 4S in the phone catalog so that they are available to the users, looking at the sales figures, there is no doubt that it can be something really good. But it is something that can not be taken lightly, because Apple is doing the data connection, which is used further in its telephones, as can be see clearly with Siri or with iCloud. And if you don't have an infrastructure that is prepared, it can be a bad idea, therefore, the carriers that are offered are seeking to limit the data trafic or grade it by different prices, looking for some way to cover their backs.

This is a very clear strategy which Apple is pursuing, they increasingly provide their devices for cloud services, and Siri, the personnel assistant that iPhone 4S has, is one of those services. We can now ask, Is it a surprise that the data is increasing? for nothing, indeed one could say that is even normal, considering that a lot depends on each person using this feature.

Actually, Siri is officially in beta phase, which means that there is a service that is not finished and soon will receive an important update. Most Siri services are not available outside of the United States, although they can be used by anyone with an iPhone 4S. The other day my friend Carlos Rebato commented that in his case data consumption has not been increased, something that certainly can be completely valid and if he says so I believe it completely. But as I mentioned earlier, the increased use of data may depend heavily on the use that is given to the feature.

Siri is another feature that uses the data connection, if a person uses it for three hours a month it is normal to have lower consumption than one that uses it for thirty hours a month. The more services you use with this voice assistant it is then normal to see the increase of data. From my point of view this isn't a bad thing, it's something that is implicit in the feature and is entirely normal, the same way that the increase of fuel in a car increases when we take the engine to more revolutions.

Finally, this increase is also normal for the use of Siri, it's also increased gradually to become replicated in other platforms similar measures arrive and they are widely exploited by users. In addition, with time it will become more normal to have a higher consumption of data on our smartphones,therefore operators have to be continually improving their infrastructures for this to be possible, increasing the data traffic of users and lowering prices. Something that sooner or later will happen,  because this is exactly like when the broadband connections were launched, and we are now seeing a gradual speed increase and a decrease of prices. 

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David Rubia