Jazzanova like a band

For 15 years Jazznova characterizes sound of the NuJazz like no one else, even if it has become rather quiet about Berlin in the last few years. Recently there were signs of life from their Sonar Kollektiv - Label. And in May Funkhaus Studio Sessions should appear as a record.

As if that wasn't enough, in addition a movie Jazzanova like a band will be produced. freier.eckert has been filming and recording around the world for the last three years, and the recordings are in the box. But for the completion of the movie (planned for the begining of 2013) and the soundtrack 70.000 €(!) are still needed. Because that kind of amount is not little, the film-makers started a Crowdfunding-Action by Inkubato.

I have often written here in Numblog about Crowdfunding-Projects and I am very curious if this time it will also be a success like all the last ones. I would quite like to see this movie  ;-) [via nutriot]

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Matthias Gutjahr