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The Swiss Government, published a study which concludes that the piracy and Internet downloads have no economic impact on companies that have copyright ownership, and based on these facts there is no reason to make them illegal.

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Paris Métropole 2020 is a joint project between Google and JCDecaux (street furniture company), consisting of a display with 48 giant flat screens which shows the content of Google Earth, in a sort of a table-wall with the highest possible quality and detail.

It's a kind of expansion of the Liquid Galaxy which Google showed some time ago, with eight screens, but massive, over nearly 40 square meters.

YouHaveDownloaded: A tool that tells you which files you have downloaded from P2P torrent networks, depending on your IP, based on public information which can be collected there.


All abandoned objects make us imagine a story. In the case of the image's seaplane, we can make an effort to paint it a background. It's likely that our imagination falls short. The plane is stranded on a deserted beach in the straits of Tirán, in Saudi Arabia and has remained here during the last 50 years after it had an adventure worthy of a movie.

A weighty question: Should the Genova Conventions be applied to video games?.  Some say that these rules, which prohibit torture, hostage taking, the inhumane treatment and excessive violence, among other things, should be incorporated into military action video games. Thus presented, it appears another clear case in which RealWorld™ overtakes fiction.